Public Speaking

Public speaking is a passion of mine that extends beyond presenting my work.

Public speaking is a passion of mine. For my senior thesis, I prepared multiple conversations around campus surrounding the topics of stress, empathy, and even time management. I was able to open the space for students to come and relax during finals and midterms, but also gave our own student center a new way to teach students about these topics in an approachable format.

All of the posters and collateral for the sessions were hand illustrated.


Listen to my final thesis speech here. In this speech, I discuss not only the importance of my journey with public speaking, but how we doubt ourselves in the creative world and how that translates into perspective.

Since my thesis, I have continued in Toastmasters and have been invited back to my college to give talks on time management and preparedness. My topics revolve around how important presentation skills are for students and professionals, and how we can always keep improving once we get over the fear of public speaking.