Dads are finally being thought of in the space of parenting, and the products that come along with the job.

If dads are being included in the parenting space, where can they change their babies when out in public? Public restrooms still lack inclusivity when it comes to having accessible changing tables in men’s rooms.

We redesigned the dreaded old school changing table and brought it into the tech-first century. The smart table integrates with the revamped Pampers’ app to allow easy shopping for those ‘oops’ moments, moms and dads know too well.

The Pampers’ app and site are now more inclusive and dad-friendly. The app partners with target stores that have the smart changing table, allowing easy use of product pickup in-store.

Dadmojis were added to giphy as customizable and relatable icons.

D Show Student Award, 2018.

Case study script, animation, copywriting, and strategy created by me.

Credits: Casey O'Brien for live footage, social media, and strategy | Reed Nowels for character design, app design, and web design.