A solution for some of the top ‘big iron’ brands gave a refreshed look of what it looked like to get mail. The top brands include Scag mowers, Ferris mowers, and Wright mowers.

Ferris mowers are known for their suspension. You can rely on a mower that gives you support and comfort with the smoothest ride- all with the enhanced large forefront suspension springs. This direct mail piece featured the suspension springs in the design, and read “Experience Suspension” along the bottom of the tube.

Wright mowers are the original stand-on mower. With the standard of innovation, Wright mowers are safer and more efficient than riding mowers, allowing users to jump on and off. These mowers also take up less space on work trucks, and can fit in tighter, harder to cut sloped areas zero turns are not built for.

Scag mowers are the fastest and most durable mowers made right in Wisconsin. These machines are some of the fastest on the market topping out at speeds of 16 mph, and feature one of the best cutting decks for any terrain. From the Marbain blades to the solid steel frames, Scag mowers are a top choice for landscapers and homeowners across the country.

Marketing Manager: Sarah Belanger

Graphic Designer: Jessica Keoshian